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Business Program for Web Designers & Web Developers

15th Jan 2018

The mutual cooperation and support can make us grow in skills and become happy faster in today's world. Together we can create the best web projects and each get a fair share of the rewards.

Who can participate in an Business Project? What are the steps?
1. Web designer – makes a web template in HTML5 & CSS3
2. Web developer – integrates the web template into the RivalEngine CMS
3. Affiliate or Marketing partner – advertises the mutual creation to the public
4. RivalEngine team – provides constant support with projects

Why use RivalEngine software?
Unfold and develop full creativity in your projects and build a unique piece of work – RivalEngine gives you a solid ground to start from.

Equal contribution and equal rewards
1. Web designer 25% - makes web templates
2. Web developer 25% - builds functionality
3.Marketeer 25% - ensures propagation
4.RivalEngine 25% - keeps the software up to date and sets future direction

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