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Open Source CMS for web designers and graphic designers

23rd Jan 2016

Are you a skilled graphic designer or a web designer?  Would you like to earn passive income for web templates creation and support a community of freeware Open Source RivalEngine? Do you want to become a member of the Open Source RivalEngine community, gain advantages and support a good project?

We follow our slogan:

“We support you, you support us. Cooperation leads to success!”

By means of CMS RivalEngine software, we will show you and teach you how to create a functional web using your templates.

Video manual - How to insert your web template to CMS RivalEngine

There are many video manuals available in case you come across any difficulties. You can use them to learn the procedures. However, feel free to contact us whenever you need a piece of advice. We are always willing to help you with your projects. 

What is the procedure?

a)      As an author, you will create a web template with the open source system RivalEngine CMS

b)      Your final web project will be added to sales web pages, where it will be sold by RivalEngine with your name as an author of the template

c)  The more people like your template, the more you earn

d)   The more projects you create with open source RivalEngine, the bigger is a chance for you to earn money and attract more potential customers

e)  It is also possible to create your own project with CMS RivalEngine – you only have to download a template and work straightaway on your project, i.e. you remake already created web template and change it in accordance with your ideas and style

f)   It is also possible that we will help you with your project if you come with a great idea    

What is your commission?

A commission for a sold project is from 25 to 50 percent of the work. Prices for web templates and graphics are therefore from 20$ to 200 $.

How much can you earn?

If you sell the web templates to 40 people / companies and earn 30 $ from that particular project, you will earn a regular passive income of 1.200 $ a month. And what is the best about it? You will receive the money regularly! One sold web template equals regular income!

Of course, if you have got more web templates, you will earn even more. It depends on you and your creativity.

How can you increase your popularity in order to earn more? You can refer to your created projects – web templates in order to increase their sale.

If you want to increase your popularity and sale, place your advertising – feedback link on your web or friends´ web. You can also share your project on social networks among your friends. You will raise awareness of your work and increase their sale.


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