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How to earn money in affiliate marketing? Get up to 25% sales commission!

15th Jan 2018

How to earn money in marketing?  Get up to 25% sales commission!

You're not investing your money, you're investing your knowledge and you're learning new stuff on the way.

How to start? Just sign up for AFFILIATE MARKETER account on and start promoting RivalEngine projects. After you sign in to your account, in AFFILIATE STATISTICS you'll be able to see stats for the clicks and sales of the projects you advertised for us, as well as the sum of your earned money in EURO (25% sales commission).

In AFFILIATE LINKS you'll find URLs for all projects, which contain your affiliate ID on the end (like /f20). These URLs you'll use, when promoting our products via posts on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. or in articles or banners on your websites. Your affiliate ID in each URL identifies you as the creditor when a visitor gets to our site from your post / link.

Your money will be paid out in 7 days after the sum reaches 50 EURO. It can happen easily, like after one sale of project with price over 200 EURO.

If you have a lot of friends, websites or other options of advertising, don't hesitate and join our affiliate program. If you have questions, contact us and we'll help you with anything.

Don't hesitate and contact us on email or via on-line chat


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