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A Story named RivalEngine

27th Jun 2017 | RivalEngine

How did our story in common begin? It was like a random meeting already in 2007, where I sat as an associate attendee and listened about web programming. The theme caught my heart immediately, even though I had no experience at all about programming, as I had studied law and management. However, I realized that this is the future. As the debate ended, I started to ask, we exchanged words and agreed to start building a web project. It was DailyChat, a larger social networking project. At that time, interest in social networks and the Internet had begun to grow.

We didn’t have so many experiences with programming and server administration, but there were always the enthusiasm and relentlessness that has endured to this day. It is a year 2017, so basically, we have been working on software development for almost 10 years.

We had to solve many problems during that period, which was constantly pushing us forward. In essence, we believed that we would gradually learn everything; we knew that problems would appear regularly, therefore we were forced to search for solutions and solve problems that arose. Every problem has taught us something and has moved us further on the way towards the goal. The goal was always to facilitate the work of web designers and web developers who worked on the web project since we understand that more people must work on a successful project.

It was necessary to manage and optimize more and more data in DailyChat, through which we knew the project was growing and getting bigger. It was like driving a car - you had to keep an eye on the direction of software development, and the software’s engine had to be more and more powerful in order to process a larger amount of data.  We had to optimize both the source code and the database in order to quickly load the website for users on the one hand, and on the other hand, to make work better and easier for the web designers and web developers. There have always been opportunities to lead development “to the left” or “to the right” and you had to choose and decide. Nobody told you which way is the right one. It was based on our intuition and experience. The real operation always showed you whether the given direction – decision was right. If not, it was necessary to do it over again and you did not always know whether the given solution was the right one. We addressed experienced people working in the field and gathered priceless advice and information that helped us move on.

It happened many times that we chose the wrong direction; therefore we had to rework and debug the errors that we found only during the real operation of the project. Nowhere does it say how to do it or how to solve the problem. We had to test what really worked. We have always been looking for the “right way” although sometimes we had to take a step backwards.

After all these experiences, we started to program the software all over again with a different structure, having many bugs removed and the database, or the source code optimized for managing larger amount of data. The software is designed so that more people are able to work on the project, such as web designers, web developers and webmasters, or the users themselves. Of course, for those who know this, the development has brought more and more challenges. Programming languages have been improved as well, and you always had to keep up with trends. However, we tried to give the best of what we knew to facilitate the work with the software for the designer and web developers. We wanted to give them an engine that helps them build web projects faster, so they can grow faster and be the best in their field.

This is the reason why we also decided to help and provide RivalEngine software as a free software and shift its boundaries even higher, for what the greater community needed as well as the regular development of customization with both trends and the market; otherwise, if it does not develop with a trend in programming, the software may cease to exist or become obsolete, which would be a great shame. That is why we have decided to create an open source community that will move its development even further and become a powerful engine for creating web applications.

You can also further push its development and thus help other web developers, web designers and IT companies, becoming a community member of the Free Software named RivalEngine.

Each of our members will receive a RivalEngine T-shirt as a sign of respect with their “nickname” to spread the open source community message.

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