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Looking for an Affiliate Partner for web sites sales

2nd Jul 2017 | RivalEngine

Who we’re looking for: We’re looking for an online marketing partner

What partnership entails: active sharing and publication of texts and PR articles on social networks, link building by only adding URL link in verified national catalogues (PR articles are provided in English, they simply need to be translated into the local language)

What we do for you: we’ll propagate your local domain (such as with a complete affiliate program with new web templates and PR articles (we’ll even send you the texts). No content needs to be created, you’ll only focus on online marketing.

Commission:  25%

For instance: 60 projects sold @ €100 in one month with a 25% commission is €25 per project sold. If you sell 60 x €25 = €1500/month.

Any questions:

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